About Us

Let your look be unique for yourself..yet identifiable for others

Ethically Handmade Apparel Fusing Indian Tradition & Global Trends For Those Who Like To Dress In Unique Ways!

Among thousands of mass manufactured prouducts, Arsa brings you  handmade, simple, tastefull yet affordable Crafts which are  undeniably yours!

On a mission to create stylish,comfortable and affordable apparel!

Arsa Reflects Not Just Beauty But Also 
Strength &Compassion, True Sense Of Self & Style!

 We invite you create a look that is effortless,confident and undeniably yours! That's why we're committed to being your source for ethically handmade clothing  by local Craftspeople rooted in Indian culture.Fusing Eastern tradition and global trends together,Arsa reflects a sense of elegance and simplicity that empowers women all over the world.  Offering Creations Inspired By the rich and electing cultural ethos of different parts of the globe, be sure to follow us on social media for the latest designs!

Arsa is more than a brand to be a voice committed to influence global social change.

Arsa is more than a brand to be a voice committed to influence global social change!

Conceived as a means of empowerment for a simple Indian housewife,Arsa has always signified strength and willpower to chase your dreams,to free yourself from the ties,self imposed and otherwise,that hold you back from realising your full potential. We hope to empower more individuals with limited resources and opportunities by offering training and employment and thus a means of earning their livelihoods respectfully.